Save money on your micro-market kiosk and drive up same-location sales

Your affordable micro-market solution

A cost-effective micro-market kiosk designed by operators for operators

The owners of Alpine Coffee knew micro-markets were the future, but kiosks such as Avanti, 365, and 3 Square just didn’t seem like the most revenue-friendly option. Instead, we developed the Grab N’ Go kiosk with all the best features of the higher priced kiosks, but at a discounted price.

Our Grab N’ Go kiosks saved us money and earned us thousands more in annual revenue. Ask use about our case study of six vending accounts we converted to the Grab N’ Go micro-market system that increased sales more than $14,000. Plus, three of these locations signed new 12-month contracts.

Great features at a reasonable price

As operators ourselves, we knew there needed to be an affordable micro-market option,
so we built one with reliable high-end components and full-featured backend system.

Affordable monthly rate

You pay $75 per month. Period. No additional hidden costs or surprise fees that sometimes occur with other micro-market brands.

Eco-friendly option

Your location will love the smaller energy costs of our micro-market which runs on an iPad instead of full-size, unnecessary hardware.

Stand-alone connection

Never negotiate with IT onsite again thanks to our agreement with Verizon to provide direct WIFI to the kiosks.

Fast, easy install

No more time-consuming installations that require calling the supplier and waiting for confirmations.

Most Profitable Kiosk

The micro-market kiosk solution you’ve been waiting for, including a flat monthly fee, eye-catching graphics, reliable 4G or LTE internet connection, easy user interface, and fully-functioning back-end system.

Same features as competing micro-market kiosks

  • Not your typical kiosk

    Grab N’ Go is designed around an iPad that mounts to the wall and takes all forms of payment, cash and credit.

  • Priced to be a great value

    Receive the full functionality of the higher priced micro-market kiosks at the cost of an Economy system.

  • Superior user experience

    A commercial grade 2D presentation barcode scanner ensures fast scanning of products for your end users.

  • Limited credit card fees

    Our partnership with USA Technologies and acceptance of various payments means you can virtually eliminate credit card processing fees.

Earn a fast ROI with the Economy Kiosk

A full-featured kiosk with all the bells and whistles of the competitor’s kiosks at a fraction of the cost.

As vending operators we knew what we needed in a micro-market kiosk and what would work best for customers. Using an iPad based system we were able to include all the beneficial features of other kiosks into a low-cost micro-market solution that still delivered the best consumer experience. High-quality components ensure reliable service and unique payment acceptance of all forms of payment as well as a processing agreement with USA Technologies substantially reduces credit card processing fees, making them nearly zero.

  • Accepts cash bills from $1 to $20
  • Installs in just 10 minutes
  • Includes free 4G or LTE internet
  • High-quality barcode scanner
  • Eye-catching micro-market graphics
  • TOTAL monthly cost is $75.00

Everything you need for half the cost

Our Fridge and Kiosk Combo gives you the features of the economy kiosk along with a state-of-the-art cooler complete with built-in food safety locking mechanism. It’s half the cost of the competitor’s systems and provides all the equipment you need to start operating a micro-market.

  • Same beneficial kiosk features
  • Accepts virtually any payment type
  • Cooler offers full 24 cubic feet
  • Digitally temperature monitoring
  • Custom graphics and 1 year warranty
  • Sell any brands products side-by-side

Contact us today and try the Grab N’ Go kiosk free for 60 days to ensure it’s the right micro-market solution for your operation.

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